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Top Personal Finance Blogs
DealBreaker is an online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip site that covers the personalities and culture that shape the financial industry, offering original commentary, news and entertainment. DealBreaker is...
    Rich Credit Debt Loan  
I have a passion for personal finance... I can't get enough... I read about it, I think about it, and now I write about it.
    Welcome to the Gutter  
This blog is a diary of my experiences trading in the gutter of the stock market. It is not financial advice. Trade stocks at your own risk.\r\n
Great daily video and educational articles
I commend Reaper for doing a daily video recap on a regular basis. He's clearly an expert in the penny stock market and understands the dynamics of a pump and dump. He's also the chat room...
Review of Reaper Trades
Excellent Penny Stock Blog
A few weeks ago I found the Big-T blog and I've been using it as a reference and educational tool ever since. Big-T is a follower of Timothy Sykes and Michael Goode, two traders who have a proven...
Review of Trade With Big T