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    Rich Credit Debt Loan  
I have a passion for personal finance... I can't get enough... I read about it, I think about it, and now I write about it.
    Welcome to the Gutter  
This blog is a diary of my experiences trading in the gutter of the stock market. It is not financial advice. Trade stocks at your own risk.\r\n
    Budgets Are Sexy  
Will you wonder why I use the words "Super" and "Sexy" a lot? You bet. Ultimately though, my goal is to spread some good ideas around town and spark some motivation. I don't know about you, but I get CRAZY bored reading...
Nice Bio/Pharma calender
I'm digging this website just from a short visit. He gives explanations for you beginners on how to correctly play biotech, some terminology, but the most useful is the FDA calender. It's nice and...
Review of BioRunUp
Great daily technical analysis
The daily market review videos here are very thorough. There’s a lot of commentary on the different indexes with analysis of many of the technical indicators that analysts look at. If you are very...
Review of The Chart Pattern Trader