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    Rich Credit Debt Loan  
I have a passion for personal finance... I can't get enough... I read about it, I think about it, and now I write about it.
DealBreaker is an online business tabloid and Wall Street gossip site that covers the personalities and culture that shape the financial industry, offering original commentary, news and entertainment. DealBreaker is...
    Welcome to the Gutter  
This blog is a diary of my experiences trading in the gutter of the stock market. It is not financial advice. Trade stocks at your own risk.\r\n
Puts things in perspective
I really like the author’s blog – she really posts a lot of her personal experiences which one can relate to and definitely learn from. She has some “Key Lessons” which I think are worthy of posting...
Review of One Frugal Girl
Good discussion of technicals, needs more though
John's blogs include a good discussion of market technicals - he is currently short biased as he adamently states many times in no uncertain terms. His brokerage account is mirrored on covestor so...
Review of StocksOn.Blogspot