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SRSBZN TIMfundamentals Part Deux
Good Learning, Bad Presentation.
Ok, I have offically finished my first TIM product and here is my review. Ill go with the bad first: [RANT]HOLY CRAP! Whoever filmed/edited this made me want to punch small babies. I...
Darthtrader Techniques to Perfect Your Intra-Day Gap and Guerilla Trading with Ron Wagner - Part 1 by Pristine
Put me to sleep
I was debating about whether I should write a review on this or not because I couldn't finish watching it. It's really that boring. Ron seems like a really nice person, but isn't such a...
Relaaax TIMfundamentals Part Deux
Best way to learn the Sykes style
TIM Fundamentals Part Deux is an in depth continuation of the series first DVD. After seeing this DVD, I can say it is amazingly thorough. It is a recording of the Las Vegas seminar in which...