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StocksWallStreet Winning Methods of the Market Wizards with Jack Schwager
Fabulous Book, Great Read
Not because it will tell you how to make money, which is sadly thinks it can do, but because it describes some of the unique edges and characteristics of individuals who exploit this...
Trader975 Techniques to Perfect Your Trading in ALL TIME FRAMES with Ron Wagner - Part 1 by Pristine
Follow up from previous DVD's +...
Good Introduction to the pristine method and pristine itself. Gives you the basic approach on how they approach the markets and how their method works. This is not something which will...
Darthtrader Level II Trading Warfare: The Undergroundtrader's Powerful Weapons for Winning
Full of information
First of all, this video is pre-decimalization. Some of the things he talks about no longer apply. He was talking about 2.5 point resistance levels and stuff, but that has nothing to do...