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Agora Financial: Mayer's Special Situations

You’ll be surprised how easy it is to enjoy speculative gains without giving up your conservative investment values. Chris only recommends buying stocks with “special situations” — rare events like stock spin-offs, buybacks, turnarounds and much...
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Value Investing Aggr
This is a more aggressive version of Agora's evnry level value investment product. It tries to identify valuable stocks that have some...
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Value Investing Aggr
This is a more aggressive version of Agora's evnry level value investment product. It tries to identify valuable stocks that have some special situation surrounding them that is going to lead to their benefit. In general terms the portfolio is grouped into blue gold (water), long term investments, and more speculative investments. Since recommendation the water and speculative investments have been doing quite well, with the long term being a mix. Canadian stocks are occasionally mentioned in this newsletter, some you can buy on the US exchange some you cannot. Overall the portfolio is doing pretty well. If we return to a healthy bull market I expect this newsletter to be picking a lot of winners.

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Displaying 1-1 of 1 Total Reviews
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