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dflynn4 TurboTax Tax Prep
Fast and Efficient
I've never filed my taxes any other way since I was 16 so I don't have much to compare it to. However, I have always been pleased with it's effectiveness. In an area so complicated as taxes,...
southlaketrader QuoteTracker
3 Thumbs Up
I use QuoteTracker in conjunction with TDAmeritrade. First of all it's not a memory hog. I need the memory to run my IB platform. I like how the level II quotes are categorized by color. It...
Irukandji Trader Workstation
So old fashioned - needs a re-build...
I really hate TWS - it is ugly as hell, so illogically laid out and the help manuals are next to useless; this software was clearly first designed decades ago and has since been augmented,...