Best DVD I've ever seen

A Review by darkdork101

I'm thoroughly impressed with the DVD Trading Tickers. I've just finished disc two and Tim Grittani has almost single handily answered every question I had about how to enter and exit a trade, how to quantify my risk, how to read lvl2, and even more importantly when lvl2 is actually useful. Then he provided clear definitions of several strategies he uses. I’ll admit, I was a little uneasy about paying a grand for a how to DVD. At this point I have no doubt that the amount of money he saved me by providing it for purchase will more than pay for itself in the long run. My personality really can appreciate his methodical trading method. If you’re on the fence about the purchase I hope that my testimony will help. I’ve decided to take the summer off of trading just to study this and several other DVDs. I hope if you’re like me and not super well off with funds you’ll take a step in the right direction with your education and just put a dollar in the hat when the artist has proven the merit in works.

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