Amplify Your Trading

A Review by CathyK

The class was well organized, extremely well presented by Mike, and jam packed with incredible information that I am slowly digesting. I am an early to bed, early to rise type of person, and can't remember when I last stayed up till midnight. Not only did I stay up for the classes, but my mind was fully receptive. This is a testament to the class content, my perceived value of the information I was learning, and of course Mike's straight forward and to the point presentation style.

Since completion of the Academy, and by watching Fous and Mike trade live on Fous TV, my confidence level has amplified and my trading skills have significantly improved. Would I have picked up this knowledge outside of the Academy? Absolutely NOT. To borrow a phrase from Socrates, "I know that I know nothing." My background is in engineering, not trading the markets. Though I read many market oriented newsletters, the material stressed by Mike really nailed it for me. Mike stressed: (1) managing emotions is the key to trading; (2) having a game-plan is the definition of trading; (3) with trading, less is more--the more you sit at the computer, the more $$$ you will loose, so stick with trades you are comfortable with; (4) become self-aware of your strengths and weaknesses as traders. I still have alot to learn about trading, but every day presents new lessons and learning opportunities.

My goal is to become a "highly successful trader". Fous4 Academy pushed me much closer to achieving this goal.